Is Your Brand Identity Apparent in Your Content?

What’s your brand like?

I’m not talking about your logo, or your tagline, or what it means to you personally. What is your brand like? What is its personality? And more importantly, how are you making sure your customers know what your brand is like?

If you want your customers to understand and appreciate your brand values, you need to show them, through your content as much as your advertising. But is your brand really coming through your content?

Why Does It Matter?

You might think that your brand voice isn’t the most important thing in your content, and to some extent, you’re right. The quality of your content, its appeal to your target audience, the information you provide, and your calls to action all matter as well.

But your brand voice distinguishes your content. It separates it from the competition. It gives your audience a unique, inimitable experience that will make them more loyal to you in the future. Plus, it will attract more of the customers you really want—the ones your brand set out to target in the first place.

Key Qualities

What do I mean by your brand voice? This can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be, but you’ll need to pay attention to three main areas:

  • What’s most important to your brand? What do you care about? Are you conscious about your business’s environmental impact? Do you care about your customers saving money? These should be clear, directly or indirectly, in the content you write for your audience.
  • Target audience. Your words should also reflect the types of people who will be reading your content. Are you writing to total novices? If so, your vocabulary should be somewhat dumbed-down, and simple enough for everyone to understand. Are you writing to seasoned experts? Make sure you’re using technical terminology and writing to the right skill level. Also consider the casualness or formality of your tone.
  • Beyond that, you should consider the “personality” of your brand. If your brand were a person, what would they be like? Would you be male or female? Old or young? Fun-loving or more dignified? These are tough characteristics to portray in the written words of your brand, especially if they contradict your own personality, but with practice you’ll learn how to manage it.

How to Check

If you’re inexperienced in studying brand voice or writing unique content, this may all seem strange to you. How can you be sure that your brand voice is coming through your content?

One of the best ways to do this is to practice, by writing the same core content in two different ways; write one that adheres to your brand voice the best you can, and write one in a deliberately different tone of voice. Writing in a different voice will help you identify the core qualities of your own voice, and you’ll be able to pinpoint them with greater specificity when evaluating your past work.

Are you still intimidated by writing in a brand voice? Get help. Contact me directly, and we’ll work together to properly identify and showcase your brand voice.


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