6 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Push Themselves Harder

Why are some entrepreneurs more successful than others? They push themselves harder.

It’s common sense that people who push themselves harder tend to perform better. In a race between two people of equal athletic ability, the one with more drive—who is capable of pushing his/her body harder or further—will win.

But how can you cultivate this push—this drive? Is this something innate, that certain people are born with, or is it something that you can develop?

Without drawing nature and nurture into the argument, I can tell you there are six key ways that successful entrepreneurs push themselves, and that’s what differentiates them from their less successful counterparts:

  1. They work past failure and rejection. Even the most successful entrepreneurs experience failure or rejection at one point or another, sometimes many times. The difference with successful people is that they’re always willing to work past those failures—they learn lessons and continue moving forward, even though it’s easier to give up.
  2. They recognize and address their flaws. Exceptional leaders aren’t the ones who happen to be flawless, and they aren’t the ones who are best at hiding their flaws. Instead, the most successful people are the ones capable of introspection, who aren’t afraid to see what their greatest flaws are and take action to improve them. Weaknesses aren’t something to be hidden or ignored—they should be acknowledged and explored, even if it’s hard.
  3. They learn something every day. This is a bit of a cliché, but it’s true for motivated entrepreneurs. This principle starts with admitting that you don’t know everything; having the humility to understand that there is knowledge beyond you gives you the opportunity to embrace new ideas and perspectives. From there, successful entrepreneurs talk to more people, read more articles, and embrace more opportunities to make sure that they’re always learning something. There’s never a shortage of new skills to acquire, new facts to learn, or new ideas to incorporate.
  4. They set higher goals. How you set goals plays a massive role in how much success you eventually see. Successful entrepreneurs expect more from themselves, and set goals higher than average people. As a result, they’re more focused and driven to achieve those goals, and they end up achieving more than their competitors. Ambition starts with visualization, and manifests through progress toward those visions.
  5. They make the time. When you start getting overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities, it’s easy to de-prioritize other areas of your life. You might procrastinate a project because it’s too much to deal with, or even sacrifice your own personal health as a short-term measure to feel more comfortable. But successful entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of being uncomfortable; they’re afraid of not achieving their goals. They make the time for what’s important to them, even if that means sacrificing comfort or familiarity.
  6. They surround themselves with pushers. Finally, successful entrepreneurs realize that they can’t be the only ones pushing themselves. No matter how intense your inner drive is, you’re always going to do better if you have people around you willing to push you further and harder—especially if those people are after the same goals. This is why entrepreneurs spend so much time finding the right partners and hiring the right people—it takes a team of ambitious, energetic individuals to see the best possible results as a group.

Personally, I think discipline, willpower, and drive are all products of your own creation. There’s nothing stopping you from being able to push yourself in these key ways and make your business better—or just get started creating one from scratch.

But regardless of what you believe, and how hard you push yourself, you’re going to need some help along the way. If you’re interested in learning how dopplepop’s ghost writing and consulting services can help your business get off the ground, contact us today!


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