The One Thing Every Entrepreneur Should Be Doing

What one thing can set you apart as an entrepreneur? What could make you more motivated? More likely to accomplish your goals? More likely to achieve that elusive hurtle of success? You might be surprised to hear that it is making lists.

What!? Lists!? Ok, I know it seems silly. But there are many benefits to listing that can boost your entrepreneurial drive such as:

Your Mental Stability

What happens when you feel overwhelmed? Do you start snapping at your colleagues or getting irritated? I know when I have a lot to do, I feel jittery and tense, unable to calm myself. One of the best ways to quell feeling overwhelmed is to make a list.

Write down all of the things floating through your mind. You will probably start to immediately feel better. That is because when your mind is bogged down with countless thoughts, it starts to run slower when processing new thoughts. By writing the thoughts down in a simple, digestible list, your brain now has a chance to process this information. Think of it as though your brain is carrying several suitcases and you keep handing it more bags to balance. Let your brain set those bags down. Make a list.

You Are More Likely To Achieve Your Goals

One of the hardest parts of being your own boss is that you are accountable to yourself. For procrastinators like me, this can be a double edged sword. I appreciate the freedom to work at my own pace. However, I often put off doing my work until I absolutely have to.

If you write down your goals, however, you are more likely to accomplish them. My business partner and I have a document we share that lists business objectives and what we want to strive for. Each meeting, we check in on this list to see how we are tracking. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to drive our business forward if we weren’t actively tracking against our vision.

Your Work Is Easier

I am a terrible cook. But when I need to, I will. For example, I bake cookies during the holiday season to give to friends. I could never bake these without a recipe which I follow exactly. Why am I telling you this? Because making a list is a recipe for your work. Break your work into actionable tasks and write each task down. When you feel like you hit a mental block in your day, this list will be your raft. Your brain now has the chance to take a break while you continue working through your list.


Making lists can be an entrepreneur’s best friend for focusing on and achieving goals. Use your listing skills to help you achieve

  • Mental stability
  • Make your goals attainable
  • Simplify your work

How has making lists help you keep your business moving? Tell us about it in the comments!



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