Your Business And The Information Age

Ah, the information age. You probably think your business is well equipped for this digital life. But you might not be considering these three factors: informed consumers, reputation risks and benefits, and smart marketing.

Think back to a time when Siri or Google weren’t readily at our fingertips. I remember a time (early 90s) when my mom and her boyfriend were in a knock down drag out fight over a trivia question we heard on the radio: who was the second man on the moon? The radio quit working. We didn’t hear the answer. The fighting started.


It might sound crazy, but there was a time when silly trivia drove people insane. You thought you could remember the answer Buzz Aldrin. It was definitely Buzz Aldrin. But then someone else comes along and says NO. It was Pete Conrad. And which one was really the SECOND moon walker? Back then, you either had to own a computer, go to the library or dig out an encyclopedia to find the answer.

How easy it must have been to lie to people when fact checking was such a distant prospect and doubt is so accessible. How easy it must have been to sell to people. Unfortunately, much of what we know about business is rhetoric created in a time that didn’t consider the impact of the information age. Sure any recent research takes into account the digital world, but does it really look deep enough?

Don’t fall prey to old thinking. Be sure you consider these three factors in technology context:

Savvy Customers

Remember the saying “so and so can sell ice to an eskimo”? Other than being offensively racist, it is also seriously antiquated now that we have smart phones glued to our hands. Selling something to someone who doesn’t need a product is almost impossible these days. Why? Because we can research and call your bluff in seconds.

iphone with hands

If your business is to thrive in today’s world, you have to be prepared for the savvy consumer. These consumers know what they want and will research to know if you can give it to them. It is your job to make sure that when your consumers research, they get the information from you and not your competitor. This means you will need to give more information in your advertising, more information on your website, more information throughout the web. Don’t let your competitors tell YOUR story. Get ahead of your content to ensure your customers know what you really stand for.

Reputation Risks And Benefits

Before the internet, your business might have stood a chance at keeping a mistake hush hush. But today, you have to be fast when it comes to your reputation. A poorly thought out statement can go viral in seconds. And just like that your reputation is in the gutter.

Even though the digital age has made it to where you can communicate with your audience faster and more transparently, that doesn’t mean you should do it thoughtlessly. For example, tweeting a racist joke is never a great way to get business (or friends TBH. Racism isn’t funny). It is a great way to lose business, however.

On the other hand, this direct line of communication can launch your business forward. Brands that regularly engage with their customers and maintain a good web presence can benefit from their internet reputation. And if you are a publicly traded company, your web presence may help you gather and retain investors who follow your business. Information being readily available can make or break your business. You just need to know how to manage your reputation.

Clever Marketing

car for sale

Chances are you at least have a website. And, if you haven’t been living under a rock, your business is likely on Facebook. But what about Linkedin? Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? Do you have an email newsletter? Are you advertising on well traveled websites? How is your community presence?

Marketing is different now. It is broader and it is smarter. Social media has made it possible for businesses to interact directly with consumers. But you can’t just blindly engage with customers. You have to be what they need you to be. Meaning, if your target audience likes to joke around, then your social media needs to be rife with witty status updates and comment responses. If your audience is socially conscience, you need to take a public stance on those issues as well. Your customers are watching you. Make sure you are making smart moves.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, then research. Learn your audience. Test your content. Measure responses. Adjust accordingly. With information so readily available, you can’t afford to be complacent. If you aren’t sure how to do this internally, I will do it for you.


We all have our iPhones in our hands at all times. This means that businesses can easily interact with consumers. But, in the information age, your business needs to be prepared for:

  • Savvy customers who will research you and your product. Make sure you are the person telling your own story.
  • Reputation risks and benefits. Brand images can be made and broken overnight. Be sure to maximize the benefit and minimize the risks.
  • Clever marketing. You can access your consumers from so many different pages and portals. Make sure you are using the right pathways and the right content to market your business.

How are you boosting your business in the information age? Let us know in the comments! Not sure how to boost your business? Let dopplepop help!


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