Help! I Am In The Wrong Job! How To Find Your Career Calling

When I was an idealistic undergraduate student studying psychology at Ohio State University, I believed my calling was to be a counselor. Somewhere along the way this shifted and I pursued a career in Human Resources. Later I went back to school for an MBA and started to follow my entrepreneurial passions.

Looking back I had a lot of false starts and misguided notions. I often think about how far I could be on my entrepreneurial journey had I not followed the paths to psychology and human resources. But finding your career calling is harder than it sounds.

If you find yourself dreading your workday, you might be missing out on your career calling. Here are some steps to help you find your path.

Where Do You Spend Your Time

At face value, this is seems like a simple question. But there is more that meets the eye. What do you spend your free time doing? For me, I like to paint and read. You may be thinking, “Well then why are you an entrepreneur?” I will tell you why.

My hobbies, painting and reading, revolve around the need to create and the desire to know more. My job as a business owner and content marketer is literally to create my own business and businesses for other entrepreneurs. Furthermore, I get to learn about other businesses to help market content. I am constantly creating and learning.

Ask yourself what it is that drives you to your hobbies. How does this connect to what your personality is drawn to? What about this hobby makes you feel impassioned in your career?

What Do You Hate To Do

If I have to take meeting minutes one more time in my life, I’m going to burn everything to the ground and salt the earth. Ok maybe not to that scale. Suffice it to say, tantrums will be thrown. When I first started my career as an intern in Human Resources, I took countless meeting minutes. I hated it so much.

What was it about meeting minutes that I hated so much? Connecting this back to where I like to spend my time (creating and learning), meeting minutes are my passions antithesis. I sat through meetings writing down things I already knew and heard several times only to go back to my cubicle and type it AGAIN. I had to endure repetitive information twice. This isn’t learning anything new or creating anything. It is just repetition.

Think about the things you really hate to do. How are these dissimilar from what you love to do? This will help you to narrow down careers to avoid. For example, I should never be in a field that relies heavily on repetitive work, ruling out a number of fields that don’t fit my career calling.

What Jobs Do You Fantasize About

I used to say, “If I could do it all over I would be a librarian.” I took my love of reading literally and connected it to a job that seemed to make sense. Sometimes this line of thinking works and other times not so much. Yes, I love to read. But would I really enjoy being a librarian?

Think about why you are fantasizing about this job. In my mind, Librarians just read and learn all day long! This sounds incredible to me because I need to constantly feed my desire to learn. This says more about what I want in a career than the reality of the fantasy career. Librarians don’t actually get to read all day. But this tells me that I desire a career where I am constantly learning.

When Was The Last Time You Felt Fulfilled

Literally anytime I complete something for dopplepop I am over the moon. Even this blog post. As soon as it is complete, I will feel fulfilled. This is more than what I enjoy, learning and creating. This is answering my career calling.

What makes you feel fulfilled? When was the last time that you completed something and thought, YES! This is what I am meant to do. This work completes me. If I get the same feeling from finishing a new book as I do from my work, then I know I have found my career calling.

Bringing It All Together

Look for your themes in answering all of these questions. Did anything jump out to you? Boil it down to the simplest parts and ask yourself what is it about this activity that really excites me? How can I turn this into a career?

I love learning and creating. This could have fit a lot of different career paths. But owning my own business is what truly made me feel fulfilled. Not only because I get to learn and create daily. But because I get to share it with the world. The work that makes you feel complete is when you have found your career calling. 

Do a little soul searching and let us know, did you find your career calling?


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