Why You Want To Move Your Business To Columbus Ohio

Recently I had the luxury of chatting with Nate McCallister, CEO of Entreresource LLC. He runs a business online, but has been based out of Senoia, Georgia for the last five years. I was ecstatic to hear that he decided to relocate to Columbus, Ohio.

Nate pic
Nate McCallister

Knowing that Nate’s business is mostly online, I couldn’t help but wonder why he wanted to move to Columbus. After talking a little longer, it was clear why any entrepreneur would benefit from moving their business to Columbus.

Columbus Is SMART

Columbus Ohio was selected as the most intelligent city in the United States in 2015. There were 400 cities around the world, and after a careful year long analysis, Columbus was selected. With one of the largest universities and several career opportunities in science and technology, it is a natural fit for this honor.

Furthermore, if college degrees are any indication, over half of the population over the age of 25 has a bachelor’s degree. Over HALF of our population completed higher education.

With numbers like that, the population of Columbus’s intelligence is undeniable.

Columbus Is A Centralized Hub

Got a conference in Chicago? You only have to take a one hour flight out of Columbus. New York City? Two hours. Los Angeles? 3 hours. All direct flights. When you have a business that requires travel all over the United States, it makes sense to pick a location that can easily get anywhere. Why pick a coast when any major city is only a few hours away?

Nat McCallister often travels for conferences. When he lived in Georgia, he would have to drive an hour to the airport and then take any number of flights to connecting flights to be where he needed to be. From Columbus, the number of direct and fast flights are easy.

Stable economy

Columbus Ohio has the 4th strongest economy in the United States. Our city’s solid economic foundation enabled the city to whether through the 2008 recession with relative ease. Yes we took a hit, but we recovered quickly.

Thanks to our diversity of industries (technology, education, fashion, retail, research, medicine, etc.) our economy bounced back with a vengeance. While other cities in the nation continue to rebuild after the recession, Columbus has had a full recovery. Jobs are on the rise again. And the housing market is hopping. Not even a recession can get this city down.

Manageable Taxes

Even online businesses are susceptible to state taxes. While sales and use taxes can be on the higher end, the business and income taxes are low. If you are a small business in Ohio you can expect to pay 3% in business income state taxes.Compared to almost 9% in states like California, Ohio small business taxes are nothing.

Not only are Ohio taxes reasonable, they are easy. The tax process is streamlined and easy to follow. Considering tax season is a dreaded time of year for almost all business owners, making taxes easy is a huge reason to consider moving your business to Columbus.


One of the first reasons Nate McCallister mentioned about choosing ohio was the community.

“Even being an internet business, the need for interaction with other entrepreneurs is important and there is a lively group of other entrepreneurs in Columbus. Being around other like minded entrepreneurs is important to help each other incubate and process lucrative new business plans.”

And Nate is right. A quick Google search will tell you there are countless organizations to help entrepreneurs meet one another.

Not only are there options for community networking events, but you can even physically work together. Companies like The Salt Mines have multiple locations around Columbus. At The Salt Mines, you can pay a monthly membership fee and have complete use of the space. This includes any physical or technological resources as well as coworking with other entrepreneurs and people who work remote jobs. Companies like The Salt Mines encourage a melting pot of different industries, talents, resources and create an opportunity to build your community daily.

For someone like Nate McCallister, building a community is integral to owning a successful business, making Columbus Ohio the ideal place to relocate Entreresource LLC.


Columbus Ohio is the perfect location for entrepreneurs like myself and Nate McCallister because:

  • Columbus is a nationally recognized intelligent city. This is a place where you can meet and work with smart people.
  • Columbus is a centralized hub. It is easy to get anywhere.
  • The economy is stable. It weathered the 2008 recession and has made a complete recovery.
  • The taxes are easy and inexpensive.
  • Columbus is a community where you can build your professional network.

Thinking about relocating your business? Think about Columbus Ohio! Let us know why you love being an entrepreneur in Columbus in the comments!


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